Just the average information about this page, like the fonts I use, image credit, and domain info.

    Please read this before emailing me with a question! It answers a lot of common questions I receive.

    An archive of all my layouts, from around November 1999 (Delphinium) till... now (all sites). Includes a history of my site, too... like you want to read it. Heh.

    This is where I list all my site ideas when they come to me. There isn't really much here. I find it amazing to go to someone's site and see about twenty ideas for pages. I wish I was that creative...!

To Do
    My infamous To Do list. These are nice so that you remember what to do, but EVIL because I see all the stuff and go X_x. Here you can see what I have planned and/or stuff that I think I have planned but then decide to be lazy and drop it. ^^ 

Clubs and Causes
    Hurrah for clubs and causes! I feel so special being part of something. Whee! If you're looking for cliques, those were on the splash page, silly!

Link Me
    Oh, happiness. Buttons. Buttons for the use of nice people like you linking me. Right?

    These are my very very favorite sites. If you're looking for good layouts and content, I recommend these sites.