To Do
(last updated 11.25.01)

    So you've stumbled upon my whee fun to do list. This is where I'm posting everything that I have to do for this site, so that I'll remember and you'll know what is (hopefully) coming up. It will be added to as I think up things and subtracted from as I actually do things or decide not to do them. Being a webmistress keeps me very busy, and although it may look like there's nothing happening to the site, there is quite a lot going on behind the scenes. And so you'll know that things ARE really happening, here's the list. Please remember that it might take me awhile to get these things done, with school and all, so don't get too excited yet. ^_^
-- Work on more crap for the goodies section.
-- Work on new pages!

-- My plan for Delphinium is to turn it into an anything goes image spoof only archive. I'll do image spoofs of lots of stuff, including anime, music, movies; anything I like, I'll spoof. ^_^

Gothic Lolita
-- More scans! Maaanaaa! XD

Idol Worship
-- Um, make more winamp skins. x.x I'll try and work on these during winter break.