Why I Bought a Domain

    I know that a lot of people are griping or pondering over why there are so many anime domains these days. When I first got on the internet, the only anime domains I knew of were the few in the Sailorsenshi Domain Group. I know I wanted one as soon as I saw that group. I thought it was impossible, though. However, eventually I did get my own webpage, and as I have said over and over again, it sucked. But it got better. Right around the time I bought this domain, I was getting, at the most, 30 hits a week.

    So, if you ask me if I bought this domain because I wanted hits, I'll have to say yes. But it's not because seeing the counter go up gives me an ego trip. It's because I was working every single day on my computer for something that only about five people a day (including myself, because I hadn't figured out how to disable my hits yet, and including friends) ever saw. I love my webpage, but having it on some obscure free server and doing absolutely no advertising to help it wasn't the greatest thing I could have done for it.

    But, it's also nice to have a domain, just for the sake of having it. Now that I think about it, http://www.infoseek.com/members/Sdelphi/main.htm isn't as great as I used to think it was. ^^;; And when I went to nunames.nu and saw that haruka.nu was availible, I knew that I had to have it. I'm glad I found nunames.nu. I knew I wanted something Haruka, but all the normal ones were taken. I was thinking of some really wacky ones, too, like spacesword.com, supersailoruranus.com, tenohharuka.com, and some other scary ones. O.o Anything to have some tiny Haruka claim. Obsessed much?

    I'm not nearly into anime as much now, although Haruka still remains my favorite Sailormoon character. Don't worry about me closing my site when my anime obsession runs totally dry, like some people do. Haruka doesn't have to mean the Sailorsenshi Haruka. There's a great Pierrot song called "Haruka," and Haruka means "distant," something I often appear to be (I daydream a lot). No matter what meaning you want the word to take, this domain still has special meaning to me, and I intend to keep it as long as I can. I love my domain!